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Hi. My name is Phil Kaplan and for the last 30 years I’ve been helping men and women of all ages and physical conditions trade their bodies for new ones. In most cases, my clients come to me with one of two (or two of two) primary challenges. 

  • They hate the way their body looks  
  • They hate the way their body feels  

If we go beyond the initial emotion, they’re typically dealing with 

  • unwanted accumulation of body fat 
  • onset of chronic disease (blood sugar, blood pressure, thyroid, etc.). 

Here’s the great news. It’s ALL Fixable!!!!  


The challenge my clients have is the same challenge you have. It’s near impossible to get to the truth ('til now)!  

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is helping them understand why “Diet and Exercise” ISN'T WORKING for them.  

Nobody is helping them understand the true source of their challenge.  

Worst of all, nobody . . .AND I MEAN NOOOOOOOOOOBODY . . . IS GIVING THEM THE “FIX!”

Except me . . . and this booklet outlining the truth, the real story, and the fix is yours FREE!

You Don’t Need a Diet. You NEED a Firestorm! 

My 7-Day Metabolic Firestorm Program UNLOCKS THE KEYS to reversal of Weight Loss Resistance. 

You’ll learn precisely why you’ve been stuck, and how 7 days, 3 movements, and a unique nutritional approach that has nothing to do with deprivation, literally reprograms your brain, metabolism, and condition, reigniting the Metabolic Magic you had in your youth. 

Here’s the crazy part. Right now I’m offering you this ebook FREE. I want you to understand that you have the power to change.  

You’ve had it all along! You just need the strategy, the simple secret that allows you to unleash it.  

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